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Discover the difference with Royal Empire Realty, where our commitment extends beyond mere recruitment – we focus on nurturing and advancing your career. As a leading real estate brokerage that prioritizes personal and professional development, we offer a unique environment dedicated to empowering our agents with real estate training, career advancement, and investment opportunities.

  • We Invest in our agents, prioritizing their growth and education to excel as top Realtors.
  • We use a different approach, emphasizing individual recognition and potential, valuing each contribution.
  • We cultivate a collaborative, educational, and growth-oriented culture.
  • We are committed to your success and that includes providing the necessary tools and support to unleash your full potential as a Realtor.

Our Distinct Approach

We have a culture that thrives on collaboration, inspiration, and mutual growth with regular collaborative workshops focusing on best practices and continuous learning. Specialization in investment properties, aiding clients in securing valuable income-producing assets. Encouragement for agents to become investors, enhancing their ability to guide clients through firsthand experience.

A Unique Opportunity

Our selective growth model ensures we invest adequately in each team member. We offer a limited number of positions to maintain a focused, talent-rich environment. We seek agents who align with our vision and values, offering a chance to be part of a pioneering team.

Breakthrough Technology

Over 30 technology tools are available at your fingertips through a single login. This easy approach to technology allows you to automate many aspects of your business freeing time for you to do the things you love doing!

Easy to use and complete, Sellstate’s Power Suite gives you everything you need to bring your business to the next level.

Revenue Sharing

A challenge in real estate is the lack of security and retirement. Sellstate addressed this with the industry’s premier revenue sharing program.

Simple and effective, Sellstate’s AAD Program has a payout average of $1,200/month with some members earning over $20,000 in a single month!


  • Nothing like it in the industry
  • Earn additional income
  • 5% sponsoring bonus
  • Earn financial independence


  • Have peace of mind
  • Disability insurance
  • Health care
  • Earn if you don’t have a closing


  • AAD payout average around $1,200
  • The program is vested
  • Finally have a retirement plan
  • Enjoy your rewards from your career

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As a talented and dedicated Realtor, align your career with a team that reciprocates your dedication. A brief conversation with us could be the turning point in your career journey.

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